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    Aoi Azzura

    Kadang-kadang yang namanya surfing youtube itu, nemu lagu-lagu lama yang bisa bikin ingat sesuatu. Berhubung toh nggak ada yang posting di website ini, saya pakai buat nulis iseng sendiri saja.

    Baiklah. Ini Aozora no Namida. Opening song dari Blood+.
    Jadi waktu itu Hitomi Takahashi adalah rising star.
    Dengan Bokutachi no Yukue yang menjadi soundtrack Gundam SEED, dia berhasil memuncaki oricon.
    Dan itu single debutnya, single pertama.
    Nah, di sisi lain, Blood+ juga sedang naik daun, mengingat Blood: The Last Vampire, versi anime aslinya, yang mengundang sensasi internasional, dan memenangkan award di mana-mana.
    Bahkan dibuatkan live actionnya (yang menurut saya cukup bagus untuk level live action).
    Tapi anime ini, 50 episode? Heheheh. Yeah right. It’s average at best.
    Apalagi minim adegan bacok2an.
    Isinya doramu.
    But guess what. Saya tamat lho.
    Umm… idenya sih bagus.
    Tapi mungkin kepanjangan.
    Yah setidaknya (sepertinya) karakter Haji cukup populer di kalangan fujo waktu itu.
    Yah boleh dibilang sebastian sebelum sebastian. Dan mungkin sebelum itu ada lagi.
    Really, it’s an overused troupe, tapi sepertinya tetap saja sukses.


    Aoi Azzura

    Neuro – Link
    Autonomic Maneuver
    Ya. GUNDAM itu singkatan.
    Tapi nggak konsisten juga sih.
    Mereka mengganti singkatannya di SEED Destiny dan Stargazer, entah jadi apa lagi.

    Gundam SEED Stargazer ini anime spin-off SEED.
    Ceritanya nggak penting.
    Nggak berpengaruh sama sekali dengan jalannya perang.
    Tapi lagunya bagus. :’)
    Gundam SEED adalah salah satu anime yang semua lagunya bagus-bagus.
    Bahkan character song Kira dan Yzak juga bagus.
    Ada Haikara yang umurnya pendek, dan ada juga satori negishi.
    Well, she’s a one-hit-wonder.
    Tapi lagu ini bagus sekali. Hehe :)

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    Aoi Azzura

    Virtual Idol.
    Sebenarnya bukan barang baru.
    Hatsune Miku, CLARIS (mau disebut CLAREN saja? :p) bukan yang pertama.
    Pada suatu masa, Two Mix juga virtual idol.
    Setidaknya di video clipnya :)

    TWO-MIX – White Reflection

    Lagu ini melegenda sebagai theme song Gundam Wing.
    Well, gundam-nya melegenda, jadi lagunya ikut.

    Oh ya, mereka juga dikenal mengisi theme song anime detective conan.
    Dan bahkan pernah muncul di manga dan animenya


    Aoi Azzura

    Having come from a tropical country, passed by the earth’s equator line means that I’ve never experienced winter. It’s fair to say that having never experienced it, I was unable to comprehend the sheer experience of winter. Now that I’m in Japan, may be I’m beginning to understand it. And what better way to express it than recalling the best winter/snow themed songs? So here are some of my favorites.

    1. White Season

    Simple reason. The FEELS. One of the most influential PC Game ever to have grazed the land of visual novels. Not only the story, the music was also memorable. Even if you haven’t played the game, the overall atmosphere of the song will convey a bittersweet tale, and sensation of coldness. If you’ve played it, you’d instantly recall our beloved little sister, her fragile constitution, and her warm smile. Play it in winter? Triple kokoro damage.

    2. Tears in Snow

    Sato Hiromi is one of my all-time favorite singer. And if I have to pick one of her best works, Tears in Snow is definitely first-choice. Theme Song of the popular 2006-released PC Game, not to be confused with the (equally brilliant) anime.

    3. Awayuki

    No, I don’t play the game Mashiro Botan, of which this song is the theme. I never did. Once in a while, I stumbled upon a song where the composition, the lyrics, and the voice of the singer instantly gave you a unique feeling on first time hearing. Rare event, but this song was one those. Sakura Saori is a talented artist, and everybody in the anisong sphere should know True My Heart. But to me, this is her best song so far. Heck, she even sung off-pitch here, presumably intentionally, but it really works.

    4. Last Regrets

    What can I say, the legendary song of the legendary genre-defying anime. Uguu… Kanon was legend. It just showed how Key/VA + KyoAni was a guaranteed success. But then KyoAni found cute girls + playing music also sells, so now P.A. Works took over from them. Kinda. Oh yes, the song. Uguu… Uguu… Uguu… T_T

    5. Fuyu no Shizuku

    Kotoko is still my number one favorite artist. And when it comes to winter song, Fuyu no Shizuku is special. Just listening to the song will give a wintery fluttery bittersweet feel to you.

    6. Kanashimi wa Yuki ni Nemuru

    I don’t know much of her. I only know one of her song. And I love it. A great winter song by Alan.

    7. Powder Snow

    I hate this anime. I really do. I hate the story. But there are two things I just love about it. Ogata Rina and the songs featured. Maybe the fact that I just hate this anime so much is the purpose of this anime? They simply wanted to butthurt the audience? Anyway, if you happened to be someone who survived the pain that the story brought, till the end, you know why this song is special. Suara’s version is excellent, but Mizuki Nana/Aya Hirano’s version is even better.

    8. Eternal Snow

    Uh, yes, I know that this Full Moon O Sagashite is an old idol anime targeted for little girls, adapted from a shoujo manga. But really. You just can’t help but to love Mitsuki.

    9. Snow Halation

    The first song that introduced me to μ’s and Love Live! School Idol Project. Back then I didn’t know anything about it. But it’s such a great song. It just is.

    10. Twinkle Snow

    White Album. Need I say more? Though this one is the 2013 version.

    11. Snow Rain

    Of all the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha songs, this one holds a special place in my heart. Oh and, please do remember Reinforce I.

    12. Melted Snow

    I’m not a P. It’s just that with such amount of song repertoire in idolm@ster’s disposal, there’s bound to be a good winter-y song. right? Well, this is one. Love it.

    13. Blue Tears

    Old song for old people. Heheh. But really, this song by Judy & Mary is awesome. It still is.

    14. Nageki no Tenshi

    Because Ayatsuji Tsukasa is the best girl of Amagami SS.

    15. Hanayuki

    This song has that image of an elegant princess from some faraway magical land dancing in the snow, don’t you think? Also, Hana is so cute :3

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